Monday, December 1, 2014

Size Determines Nothing But Size

I'd like to bring to everyone's attention that being tall doesn't tell how old you are. Some third-grade kids can reach five feet tall, and some old dudes can only meet the 36". How come some people don't seem to know this? Lots of people have seen my brother and thought he was oldest just because he's tall. So if those people knew us before he got tall, they'd see he wasn't the oldest. Then, years later, if they still stick to their logic, they see my tall brother and be like "Oh he's oldest now." Let me make a point. That's not possible. And size doesn't determine quality. It determines nothing but size. People always think I'm younger than I actually am because my face looks ... fat and young, I guess. My sister gets the same remarks, too. When I tell my age, people are like '>:o' and someone even asked me if I was lying. XD To put it shortly to those who think size determines age, I plan to just tell them, "I'm taller than my mom." That short sentence tells enough. Do you all see now how silly it is to assume an age based on height? Study the faces next time, because they tell more. Much more.
And with that I conclude today's rant.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Can You Please Acknowledge Me

In order to succeed, a writer needs peace, quiet, and comfort. How fortunate! I rarely get these! And I want to be a writer! Yay! I love my life. I never get the proper peace and quiet when I want/need it. When I'm doing homework on the computer, my parents tell me to do chores because they think I'm not doing work. Is this not irritating?! Additionally, when I have no homework and I really want to write a story, everyone feels like being loud and watching weird videos or distracting movies. They take absolutely no notice that my future job is to be an author and they try to steal all my motivation away from me, which is really, really frustrating, because my motivation takes time to spark inside me. (Oh no! It's a sign! I'm not a writer at heart! Noooo!) Can someone please acknowledge me!! Or better, encourage me. I need all I can get.
And with that I conclude today's rant.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

tiping lyk dis is kool

Don't you guys just hate it when you're talking to someone online and suddenly BAM - "hv 2 go c u l8r." Grammar freaks, I know the feeling in your eyeballs when they burn upon the sight of bad internet grammar. Yes, I sympathize. Things like "i h8 dis bec it dosnt luk fun" and "lo so funny i almost dide." I normally see things like this in my mom's emails. (How can her friends deal with the lack of grammar and punctuation? no offense intended.) What really bothers me is the fact that little kids type like that nowadays. It is not good for their future. I don't want any kid writing paragraphs, essays, etc. in BAD GRAMMAR. What happened to the Shift key? The quotation mark key? The question and exclamation mark key? Lack of grammar even affects the way people write with pencil and paper!! It's not that hard, really, to add an a and e to 'hv.' I really hate 'hv' and 'bec.' GAHHHHH. Another thing to be concerned about is the overuse of bad grammar online. It causes forgetfulness of how the word is really spelled. Were the kids these days even taught how to differentiate 'their' from 'there' and 'they're'? Even I once was confused because so many people used the word incorrectly. I had this editor worksheet that was talking about racehorses. It said, "Their off!" It looked correct to me, but my mom told me it was wrong. And I looked at it again, and still saw nothing wrong. Then my mom told me it was 'they're', and I went 'Oh, yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.' And I was really ashamed of myself for forgetting that, because I kinda see myself as a grammar freak, XD. (If you talk to me online you won't believe that.) Another thing. tiping lyk dis is not kool. Whenever I go out somewhere, the car passes by the place called 'Kwik Kar Lube and Tune' and I just sit in the car clenching my fists wanting to rip those K's off.
And with that I conclude today's rant.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bruh, I don't eat like this at home.

Get out of the bed, shower, pull clothes on. Leave the room and head for the breakfast area. It smells like coffee and cigarettes and waffles. You're in the room where only the lamest breakfasts in the universe are served! Welcome to hotel breakfasts!! You know how they have those lame breakfasts at hotels? The only good thing there, usually, is the waffle maker. Other than that, just no. I mean, those pastries and muffins are good, but they don't stuff you up, know what I'm sayin'? Bigger breakfasts are healthier than small ones, anyway, and they boost up your metabolism. Hotels should have buffets! Or at least pizza. Pizza is life. Hats off to them Italians who invented it! Anyway, the only good hotel I had a good breakfast (and sleep) at was a Super 8 hotel. The room I had had three beds with decorative covers. I never saw such a sight. Anyway, the breakfast was boiled eggs and a waffle and hot chocolate and other good stuff that I can't remember ATM. And the people there were creepy. But anyways, know what I'm saying? Hotel breakfasts always make up for the hotel's lameness, but if the breakfasts are lame, then I'm out.
And with that I conclude today's rant.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Glasses Are Not Healers for the Blind

I received an offer for a rant, and I am waiting on it. Just so you guys don't starve from malnourishment of good, long rants, I decided to provide you guys with a rant that most of you probably don't relate to, because you aren't nerds. No offense. By the title of this post you can probably tell what it'll be about. Well, I might as well begin the rant. I hate it when children try to take my glasses off and then ask me if I can see without them. Then they take a few steps away and put up three fingers. Hey, it's cruel. It's like taking off someone's feet and asking them if they can walk. Sure they can, but not perfectly. That's the exact same case with me and my glasses! Know what I'm saying? And then there's that moment when people think you and your fellow glasses-wearing sibling look alike, and no doubt just because of the glasses. Next time I go out to see anybody I'm seriously thinking of taking my glasses off. (But I look creepy without them ;D) Another reason I hate kids taking my glasses off is because they TOUCH THE LENSES THAT I TRY SO HARD TO KEEP CLEAN. PLEASE CHILDREN. EVEN I DON'T TOUCH MY LENSES. I DON'T NEED TO. I ONLY TOUCH THE EARPIECES. Well, I guess non-glasses-wearers wouldn't know the pain of seeing dirty lenses. Or maybe they don't know anything about cleanliness.
And with that I conclude today's rant.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I'm Born and Ready to Join Gmail

So, nine days later I come up with a rant that should have been brought up years ago, before this blog came about. Why do social media sites (or rather, every single site in the world except online games) ask for SO MUCH of your personal information? When I put a new profile picture on Gmail, there's this pop-up thingy that says, "Are you sure people will recognize you in this photo? It doesn't seem to have a face in it." Look, I don't like having a face as a profile picture. It's creepy, and it makes me scared. So, y'all go about posting things that talk about internet safety and there you are making websites asking for when was the first time you swallowed a beetle. I mean, come on! And then once your account is finally made after skipping "where do you live" and "how long is your big toenail," these annoying notifications show up every once in a while, saying your profile is '34% completed' or 'not yet complete.'  I mean, who really cares?! And another thing. Why are the years 2006-2014 options for birth years on Gmail/FB/Twit/etc.? Elementary school kids and newborn babies have absolutely no time for social medias. What they have time for is books, art, fresh air, blue sky, grass, nature!! Y'know what I'm saying? And I don't give my personal info for free, you know? If I give some, you have to give some. Unless I know you in RL and we're best friends then I'll tell you the first time I failed at life. And yeah.

And with that I conclude today's rant.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Don't Tell Me What I Already Know.

"You're so quiet!"

This is THE most annoying phrase anyone can ever say to anybody, especially quiet people. Namely me. So what if I'm quiet? Do you NEED to tell me I'm quiet? What if I'm quiet for a reason? Is being loud the fad nowadays or what? A couple days ago I was asked if I was antisocial. I said, "No, I'm very social." And then she said, "Oh, I thought kids who were homeschooled were always antisocial." And I said, "No, that's just a stereotype." Whenever people say I'm quiet, I think of myself unquiet. It's impossible. What is there to say? A big, fat nothin'! And if I talked too much I'd still get commented on. So, what's the use? Okay, I know I'm quiet! Don't tell me that! This is really annoying but for some reason I cannot rant about it as much as I do in my head.

And with that I conclude today's rant.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blinking Icons and Flashing Lights

If there is anyone who dislikes failing internet and low battery more than anything, that would be me. I mean, why does internet even HAVE to fail? I wonder what would happen if everyone in the world just stopped using the internet. Would the internet be like... 100% faster? Everything would zoom by my face (if I was the only one using the internet) and I'd be like, omg, this fastness though. Anyway, back to the point. I hate it when I'm watching a video, and then it stops and that loading thing rolls 'round so annoyingly. And all because of the internet (well, sometimes). Okay, scratch that 'cause I don't watch videos much. What about the failing internet while you're seriously trying to write a blog post? AGH! So let's say I'm writing a blog post here, and then the warning pops up, saying something like, "Your post failed to save." and I just click 'Dismiss' and then 'Save' and then the warning comes again. So, not wanting to lose my work, I copy everything I wrote and paste it into Notepad. Then I restart the computer and the internet works fine again. So I take the work from Notepad and paste it back into the post to fill in whatever was not saved during the internet bug apocalypse. Anyway, the same case goes when I'm playing a game. 'You have lost connection to the game.' How annoying is that, man? I'm not sure if whoever reads this blog is a full-time gamer, but if you are, good for you. (Well, not really XD but whatEVER.) The computer I use always loses the internet when it's left alone for a long time, and I HATE IT. (Not the computer, but its trait of losing internet.) And when I'm too lazy to restart the computer, I try troubleshooting. But I'm too lazy to fix any wires (XD) so I'm like *rage-flips over computer table* and restart the computer. What else is there to do? Hehe. If I see the internet symbol with a yellow triangle warning sign near it, I'm mad. If I see a computer screen with a red X near it, I'm very mad. If I see the lights on my internet modem flashing orange, I'm mad. If I see no lights except the orange ones, I'm VERY mad. Madder than a hare. (XD yesterday expression)
And with that I conclude today's rant.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Ain't Time for the Zombie Apocalypse

Everyone undoubtedly hates slow people in places where you're supposed to walk FAST. FAST I TELL YOU. The most annoying thing in life is when you're stuck in a crowd of zombie-like humans who think the world belongs to them. In an airport, market, masjid on Eid, or practically ANYWHERE, you're practically like the only person who actually works in his right mind. You are the one who tries to push through everyone, actually TRYING to get somewhere, away from loud conversation and body odor. (Probably!) I'm usually a pretty calm person, but I'm also really impatient. I'd probably explode and die of impatience in a crowded masjid on Eid (which will happen pretty soon... aghhh). Oh yeah, and on weddings. UGH!!! I went to one recently and I didn't know whether to wait or to push. I actually do push people when I lose it. I push them and say a half-hearted sorry and move on. This is especially necessary when your family abandons you and you have to carry on alone. Isn't that ANNOYING?! There is absolutely NO REASON to walk slowly. And if you want to stop and talk to your friend I am going to push you man.

And with that I conclude today's rant.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Homeschooler Haters

People always imagine homeschoolers get to party all day at home in their bedclothes. This assumption is incorrect. Being a homeschooler, I know. I have never been to public school, but I'm sure I work as hard as public schoolers do. For heavens' sake I take online classes. Whenever I tell other people that they're like "Oh..." as if they've never heard of the online world. Not saying the online world is better than the real one, because it isn't, but the way they say it makes me think they were probably assuming I take NO classes at all. They look surprised when I say I have math textbooks. They always ask "Does your mom teach you?" I say, "No, I take online classes." My mom used to teach me but now she's too busy. I kinda liked it when she was in charge. But anyways, Back to the rant. I've seen negative comments about homeschoolers on YouTube, and they hurt. Some people are actually ANGRY that homeschoolers need to go supply shopping, be organized, and have desks in their rooms/houses. Aside from finding this annoying, I actually think it's kind of funny. Getting all steamed up because you hate school and hate those who have school 'easy.' You know you don't hate homeschoolers. The reality is, you hate school and you want to have it easy (or not do it at all) and you're jealous of those who do have it easy. Don't you find that funny? Also, whenever I'm talking to my peers about my school, they ask, "Wait, aren't you homeschooled?" And I say, "Yeah.... so?" C'mon, being a homeschooled kid is probably worse than being a public schooler. First of all, your mom sees you 24/7, which stresses her, therefore she attacks you more than a mom of public schoolers would. Unless your mom works. Second, staying at home means you have to do chores. Even if I'm busy mathing or writing an essay, I STILL get called to do things and then my work is not finished with true heart, or not on time. And homeschoolers do NOT cuddle in bed all day without showering. Because 1. That sounds boring and disgusting. 2. That's not homeschooling, that's cuddling in bed all day without showering. Honestly, people!! We have math textbooks, science projects, and essays!! We do NOT have it easy! You're forgetting that homeschooling has the word 'school' in it. Homeschooling is simply just schooling at home because you're too cool for public schools, because public schools are horrible. But, to sympathize with you, we DO have some things easy. Here, I'll put it in a bullet list.
  • We don't have to shower or get dressed
  • We can get food whenever we want, go to the bathroom whenever we want
  • If we spill food on our clothes, we can change
  • We don't have any haters except our siblings (LOL)
  • We get to use the internet
  • Right after an online class is finished, we can begin the homework right away
There are more advantages, but they vary depending on how your parents set up your homeschool program.

And with that I conclude today's rant.