Help Me Out!

Sometimes I can't think of what to rant about. I hate it when I can't think of what to rant about. I mean, I hate it when I can't think of ANYTHING when I really need to. For example, trying to remember what I was going to say. AGH! UGH! URR! Anyway, before I turn into a pirate, I wanted to tell you guys that you can help me think of rants! Just put whatever annoys you in the comments box and I will try my best to rant about it. Thank you so much!!

There are some things that annoy you that don't annoy me. Why don't you type up your own rant and either collab-blog with me, or send me your rant in an email and I'll post it up, of course giving credit to you (I won't say your whole name of course).

Thank you again! :)


  1. Oh. I just saw this after I posted my rants on the other page. Oh well! I'll list them again:
    #Hashtags (I mean, really? How'd that sound in a real conversation?)
    How-to videos that are too perfect
    Internet slang(ok in mod., but when all time sound like 2 y.o. on keyboard. Ugh, I h8 all the "4 realzies?" every 2 seconds. Plz speak in proper eng. ppl nowadays)
    Looking up to ideals that don't exist like photoshop
    People who walk slowly in busy areas--my biggest pet peeve yet! PEOPLE. PLEASE. WALK. FASTER.
    Well that's all for now! Good luck with the blog N!

    1. Thanks for these suggestions, A! Who DOESN'T hate slow people in crowds? Lol ;D

  2. Some ideas are when people compare you with others, when hotels serve lame breakfasts that are supposed to keep you through the whole day, when people make noise when you are sleeping


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