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All your questions may be answered here, if not elsewhere.

This is a blog containing rants, with additional random things people can relate to. Sometimes you want to be in a situation where you can relate to everything so you feel comfortable, right? And you want to scream it out but you can't? That's what this site is for; to say your rants for you (and to keep your throat feeling fine). I have Teenager Posts for Muslims, a Wise Words section (by my sister) and... that's all. For now. ;)

I'm a Muslim teenaged girl who lives in the USA. My dream job is to be an author for kids. I also want to consider being a part-time actor, but maybe nah. Being on a cooking show on TV is much better. I love cats, the color pink, baking, drawing, and -- oh yes -- writing. I love writing. Any type of writing. If I hated writing I would not have a blog. If I hated writing I wouldn't care about grammar and punctuation. Fortunately, I do love writing and I do care about grammar and punctuation, and you all know this because I keep this blog, and I keep this blog because I love writing. My two favorite genres to write about are humor (coughcoughthisblog) and adventure. My favorite genres to read about are horror, adventure, and fantasy. I am seriously considering writing a book about my life but I always get stuck when I actually try because there are so many things to write about! (Yes, I do write stories.) Anyway, that's all I want to say. You can visit my other blog, HSBCI. Anything else you want to know about me, you can comment!

Why do I have this blog? It's a free country. Don't ask. I wanted to have a blog where I can rant about things. Before this blog, I had a life blog that talked about my silly experiences in life. Then I wanted to stop it because I didn't want others to know too much about me. My first thought that brought me to make this blog was, "Hey, I complain about a lot of things way more than I talk about my life. Why don't I make a blog full of just rants?" And from that, Rant Files sprouted. Yes, be glad it did.


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  1. Hey N! This is A again! I agree with you, it sucks to have all those rants in your heads that make you get all ticked off and muttering angrily out loud and people looking at you like -_- *smh* *shame*
    Lol, anyways some ideas for rants you can do are like internet lingo like hashtags or how how-to videos are NOTHING like real life!


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