Wise Words of Wisdom

Every day, I receive wise words of wisdom from my sister, JS. Sometimes I despise receiving her occasionally unnecessary advice, but deep down I know that I need those words, and the truth really does hurt. If only some people would just tell me the painful truth, but in a no-pain way. Anywho, please enjoy this wise-words page.

"Anything said too often (even a compliment) becomes annoying after a while."

"A ladder can be any length. Just like life."

"We rely on our parents for so much things, but we don't realize how much responsibility it is until we experience it ourselves."

"Forgive even if you can't forget."

"Living isn't about age; it's about experience."

"It's better to look ugly on purpose."


  1. Hey N! This is your friend A! I really liked your homeschool rant. Post again soon!

    1. Hey A! Thanks so much for reading my first rant. Once I have another idea for a rant, I will post. ;D

  2. The second one is really true... Thanks for sharing!


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