Friday, October 31, 2014

Glasses Are Not Healers for the Blind

I received an offer for a rant, and I am waiting on it. Just so you guys don't starve from malnourishment of good, long rants, I decided to provide you guys with a rant that most of you probably don't relate to, because you aren't nerds. No offense. By the title of this post you can probably tell what it'll be about. Well, I might as well begin the rant. I hate it when children try to take my glasses off and then ask me if I can see without them. Then they take a few steps away and put up three fingers. Hey, it's cruel. It's like taking off someone's feet and asking them if they can walk. Sure they can, but not perfectly. That's the exact same case with me and my glasses! Know what I'm saying? And then there's that moment when people think you and your fellow glasses-wearing sibling look alike, and no doubt just because of the glasses. Next time I go out to see anybody I'm seriously thinking of taking my glasses off. (But I look creepy without them ;D) Another reason I hate kids taking my glasses off is because they TOUCH THE LENSES THAT I TRY SO HARD TO KEEP CLEAN. PLEASE CHILDREN. EVEN I DON'T TOUCH MY LENSES. I DON'T NEED TO. I ONLY TOUCH THE EARPIECES. Well, I guess non-glasses-wearers wouldn't know the pain of seeing dirty lenses. Or maybe they don't know anything about cleanliness.
And with that I conclude today's rant.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I'm Born and Ready to Join Gmail

So, nine days later I come up with a rant that should have been brought up years ago, before this blog came about. Why do social media sites (or rather, every single site in the world except online games) ask for SO MUCH of your personal information? When I put a new profile picture on Gmail, there's this pop-up thingy that says, "Are you sure people will recognize you in this photo? It doesn't seem to have a face in it." Look, I don't like having a face as a profile picture. It's creepy, and it makes me scared. So, y'all go about posting things that talk about internet safety and there you are making websites asking for when was the first time you swallowed a beetle. I mean, come on! And then once your account is finally made after skipping "where do you live" and "how long is your big toenail," these annoying notifications show up every once in a while, saying your profile is '34% completed' or 'not yet complete.'  I mean, who really cares?! And another thing. Why are the years 2006-2014 options for birth years on Gmail/FB/Twit/etc.? Elementary school kids and newborn babies have absolutely no time for social medias. What they have time for is books, art, fresh air, blue sky, grass, nature!! Y'know what I'm saying? And I don't give my personal info for free, you know? If I give some, you have to give some. Unless I know you in RL and we're best friends then I'll tell you the first time I failed at life. And yeah.

And with that I conclude today's rant.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Don't Tell Me What I Already Know.

"You're so quiet!"

This is THE most annoying phrase anyone can ever say to anybody, especially quiet people. Namely me. So what if I'm quiet? Do you NEED to tell me I'm quiet? What if I'm quiet for a reason? Is being loud the fad nowadays or what? A couple days ago I was asked if I was antisocial. I said, "No, I'm very social." And then she said, "Oh, I thought kids who were homeschooled were always antisocial." And I said, "No, that's just a stereotype." Whenever people say I'm quiet, I think of myself unquiet. It's impossible. What is there to say? A big, fat nothin'! And if I talked too much I'd still get commented on. So, what's the use? Okay, I know I'm quiet! Don't tell me that! This is really annoying but for some reason I cannot rant about it as much as I do in my head.

And with that I conclude today's rant.