More Sites!

Of course I have more blogs to show you. Seriously. Stop assuming everything about me.

Enjoy these other sites!!

High School Baking Course I - A blog with a very creative name, spilling out my baking adventures, successes, and fails (you'll find a lot of those). Folded in with those are little morsels about my life, and additional informative Q&As. Comment if you have any suggestions for what you want me to make! (I wish I had a camera to make videos for you guys.)

Chains of Friendship Movie Series - A freshly sprouted blog by my good writing buddy, Nur Kose. She's making an educational, appropriate, and funny movie series for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, called The Chains of Friendship. Check the site out and offer lots of support! The world needs more kids like these.

KL, oh KL - My uncle's photojournalism portfolio.


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