Monday, December 1, 2014

Size Determines Nothing But Size

I'd like to bring to everyone's attention that being tall doesn't tell how old you are. Some third-grade kids can reach five feet tall, and some old dudes can only meet the 36". How come some people don't seem to know this? Lots of people have seen my brother and thought he was oldest just because he's tall. So if those people knew us before he got tall, they'd see he wasn't the oldest. Then, years later, if they still stick to their logic, they see my tall brother and be like "Oh he's oldest now." Let me make a point. That's not possible. And size doesn't determine quality. It determines nothing but size. People always think I'm younger than I actually am because my face looks ... fat and young, I guess. My sister gets the same remarks, too. When I tell my age, people are like '>:o' and someone even asked me if I was lying. XD To put it shortly to those who think size determines age, I plan to just tell them, "I'm taller than my mom." That short sentence tells enough. Do you all see now how silly it is to assume an age based on height? Study the faces next time, because they tell more. Much more.
And with that I conclude today's rant.

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